Bilt Hamber

The Bilt Hamber Ireland car care range includes some of the biggest hitters in terms of popularity and performance in the detailing world. Best sellers include Bilt Hamber Double speed-Wax, Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel, Auto Wash, Auto Foam and Surfex HD.

The Bilt Hamber range of rust treatments including Deox C, Deox Gel and Hydrate 80 are some of our outright best sellers due to their effectiveness.

Many products in the range have repeatedly won the AutoExpress ‘best in class’ award.

 22.95 Inc Vat
 14.95 Inc Vat
 36.95 Inc Vat
 17.95 Inc Vat
 16.95 Inc Vat
 18.95 Inc Vat

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