Detailing Emporium Appointed Sole Irish Distributor For Collinite Automotive Detailing Products

Collinite distributor in ireland

We’re delighted to announce that Detailing Emporium Ltd have been appointed as the sole distributor in Ireland for Collinite automotive detailing products.

We will be stocking the entire automotive range and will en devour to always have every item on the shelf, ready for same day dispatch to Ireland, the UK and Europe. For trade enquiries please email or call Stephen on 083 8507001

Collinite don’t make a vast range of products, but the ones they do are renowned globally for being some of the best you can get, and are highly regarded and recommended within the detailing world.

If you’re already familiar with the range you can click here to view all collinite products, Alternatively, read-on for a quick product overview.

No. 845 Collinite Insulator Wax

Last Step Wax

Ease of use, high gloss shine and legendary durability. There’s still nothing like it. 

  • Collinite’s #1 selling, “most talked about” product
  • Easy on, easy off by hand or machine application
  • Unique durability and water beading that lasts months

No. 390 Collinite Pre-Wax Auto Polish

No. 390  Collinite Pre-Wax Auto Polish

Medium Cutting Polish

Remove defects & achieve a high gloss finish that’s ready for Collinite’s signature wax protection

  • Eliminates minor paint defects; fine scratches/swirls, water spots, mild oxidation & wash marks
  • Imparts a smooth, high gloss shine
  • Facilitates the easy application-and improves the bond-of any of Collinite’s durable wax coatings 
  • Clear coat safe, machine-friendly

No. 476s Collinite Super Doublecoat Car Wax

Last Step Paste Wax

Get a signature shine, heavy-duty protection and the ultimate in Collinite durability

  • Collinite’s longest-lasting automotive protection
  • Award-winner in independent tests for endurance
  • Produces lustrous finish while shielding against outdoor elements

No. 915 Collinite Marque D’Elegance Car Wax

No. 915 Collinite Marque D'Elegance Car Wax

Last Step Concours Paste Wax

With our deepest carnauba shine, this top-shelf blend is the product to have for darker, pristinely-kept finishes.

  • Collinite’s highest concentration of rare carnauba wax
  • Seals in prep work; enhancing showroom look while protecting finish
  • Surpasses other high-end waxes in both durability and value

No. 855 Collinite Leather and Vinyl Wax

Conditioning Treatment

Moisturizes, gently cleans and protects in one step

  • Deep feeds and rejuvenates surface
  • Leaves behind a like-new, natural satin finish
  • Long-lasting protection against premature drying, deterioration, spills and weathering

No. 325 Collinite All In One Cleaner-Wax

No. 325 Collinite All In One Cleaner-Wax

One Step Polishing Wax

Renews neglected paint & provides a high gloss shine with lasting paint protection

  • Micro abrasives gently remove minor swirls, light water spots & other mild contaminants
  • Clear coat safe. For hand or machine use 
  • Provides high level of gloss and durable water beading

No. 850 Collinite Liquid Metal Wax

No. 850 Collinite Liquid Metal Wax ireland

Metal Polish and Protectant

Easy to use polish restores, shines and protects in one single operation.

  • Removes mild rust, salt deposits and heavy film
  • Leaves behind radiant, durable wax coating
  • Protects against future corrosion and pitting
  • Available in 16 fl oz and 64 fl oz

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