Detailing Emporium Partner With Mirror Image Detailing

At Detailing Emporium, like many others before us, we turned our hobby into a business – we import and stock some of the best automotive detailing products available and use them on our own fleet of vehicles. For us, part of the fun is testing out new products.

What we don’t offer is a detailing service for others, for those who don’t necessarily have an interest in the process but just in the end result…. and we totally get that, detailing is certainly not for everyone.

We get asked all the time where the best place to get a car detailed is or ‘I’m selling my car, who should I get to clean it up so I can get the best price?’ There are hundreds of reputable Valeter’s and Detailer’s around Ireland but we wanted to be able to send our customers, in absolute confidence to somebody that we knew, that we trusted, that would not only do an impeccable job but also knew more than we did about the products and the processes involved in caring for and maintaining a vehicle’s finish.

Robbie Kilmartin, owner and founder of Mirror Image Detailing is that very person. He’s a bit like us in that he’s turned his hobby and passion into his business. Like us he’s a petrolhead through and through. We got to know Robbie over the years from hanging out at race tracks up and down the country. Mirror Image are based at the incredible STONE Motorsport facility in Monasterevin.

So why should you take your car to Mirror Image Detailing? Sure there are better known Detailer’s, there are much bigger Detailer’s, there are cheaper Detailer’s, there are probably Detailer’s closer to you…For us, it comes down to two simple things: trust and quality.

The Quality of Robbie’s work speaks for itself because ‘in this game you’re only ever as good as your last job’ Pictures on a page can’t do his work justice in the slightest, it has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

‘In this game you’re only ever as good as your last job’

That brings us on to the trust element. Mirror Image are charged with detailing some of the most high profile cars in the country….that you never knew existed….and that we’re not allowed to tell you about! Needless to say countless Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Porsches and other Supercars have passed under Robbie’s polishing pad over the years, as well as some very well known cars such as Speedhunters head honcho Paddy Mcgrath’s Golf GTI.

But it’s not all cover cars high end luxury vehicles that Robbie caters for, he also does regular valets, special projects and commercial and agricultural vehicles too.

An aspect of the partnership between Mirror Image & Detailing Emporium that we’re particularly excited about is that Robbie will be taking a selection of the products we stock and will be casting his professional opinion on them in the form of a series of detailed product reviews – we’ve told him we want warts-and-all feedback, there will be no sugar coating, if a product is great, he’ll tell us, if it sucks, we’ll hear about it too!

To get in touch and book an appointment you can contact the Facebook page or call directly on 087 460 2939

Image credit: Paddy McGrath

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